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Silver Coin Investment Sales Hit an All Time U.S. Record in 2015:

"Banks & Billionaires are Diversifying with Gold & Silver."

Fact: When the U.S. Dollar Falls, Silver & Gold Rise!

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Autumn Hicks of SC, used silver to increase her portfolio value by 22.3% in 2015

It's true that in 2005, silver traded for less than $7.50 per ounce. Today common forms of silver trade at more than $15 per ounce an increase of nearly 200%. But Autumn, used a little known silver investment tactic that yielded her a return that was more than 319% just 4 years ago. This strategy is simple to learn and makes investing in silver a sound strategy for average investors. Learn More.

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Three Signs of a Coming Precious Metals Boom

  • Pro Investors Begin to Stockpile

    In 2012, JPMorgan held 5 million ounces of Silver. In just 3 YEARS, they've increased that amount to 55,000,000 ounces!

  • Market Preparation

    As of December, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) bought 19 more metric tons of gold, lifting its officially reported holdings to 1,762.323 tonnes.

  • Massive Public Buying

    In 2015, The U.S. Government sold over 44,850,000 ounces of American Silver Eagles, topping the previous record of 44,006,000 ounces set last year.

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Lexi Capital was founded in 2010 when entrepreneurs grew tired of seeing frustrated retirees suffer at the hands of fluctuating markets, political policies that harmed Main Street America and unscrupulous bankers seemingly immune from the law. They immediately realized that everyone should have access to market insights and diversified assets. It was this realization that led to the creation of Lexi Capital.

Many investment providers allow you to add gold and silver to your retirement portfolio, but that’s often where the services end. This isn’t the case with Lexi Capital. We understand that blindly investing in precious metals without understanding the market is a lot like walking into a casino. With a highly curated inventory our clients are positioned for strong returns while simultaneously maintaining high demand for the resell of their products when their target objectives are realized.